Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday November 21, 2005

Its so foggy today. And everso cold! Not to mention the darkness that fell at about 16.05 this afternoon.

We have taken the dive into Winter and you know what, it is wonderful. And will remain wonderful so long as it stays bright and dry. Cold and clear I can cope with, cold and wet you may as well ship me to Melbourne now. Needless to say I am well aware the chances of experiencing the dreaded cold and wet between now and January 15 are infinitely high!

So today is day 55. That is 55 days left till we leave.

Startling really.

It honestly only feels like the other week we decided the time had come for us to bring our lives here in England to a close and start the next stage of our adventure in Melbourne, Australia.

The reason for this blog was to note the days as they go by in an effort to distinguish them one from the other. I did not want our last days in Manchester to be a jumbled blur. So hopefully with the help of dazefly and the digital camera we can record them as separate, singular events for posterity. Or something like that.

Today then. Having driven back from Edinburgh yesterday after a lovely weekend there I was so tired this morning. I did not want to leave the bed never mind the house! I knew how cold it was outside and the prospect of walking to the bus stop was not one I relished.

I managed to get my act together and, in the end, the walk to the bus stop was not too bad. I managed to chase down a 45 which took me right to Albert Square where the fog obscured both the town hall clock and the big, inflatable Santa that sits astride the town hall roof! Pretty amazing really.

Have not done a large amount of work but I have not skived entirely! I had a nice moroccan chicken and couscous salad lunch after a brisk walk around St Ann's square. Much too cold to spend more than half an hour outside!

Annie here at work finally sold her house after months of it being on the market so she's quite giddy this afternoon. Nothing wrong with giddy I say!

Matt is reading up on Australia as his trip is not far away now. I promised to remember to bring the relevant Rough Guides in for him to peruse. I also suggested he read Dirt Music by Tim Winton before he gets to Western Australia or at least read it on the plane.

Ian is making soup tonight which is spooky as it is just what I feel like. We are supposed to see The Bravery tonight at the Apollo but with seeing Elbowon Wednesday and Paul Weller on Thursday I really don't think so!!


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