Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hazy Daze...

I wish I could type something of note today but we have not been doing a whole lot, the weather has seen to that. It hit 38 today - Australia Day - so we took it in shifts to head to the air conditioned comfort of the cinema. They boys went to see Munich this morning while we stayed with Harrison then Lisa and I pootled off to see Underworld: Evolution. I would have happily watched any old thing today as it was unbearable to be anywhere but under an air-conditioning unit running on freeze.

There is one thing however that is worrying us at this point. The bushfire that is raging about 15 kms up the road. As you know we are living in Hurstbridge with my brother Stephen, his wife Lisa and their lovely son Harrison. Lisa's sister and her husband live further north of here and therefore in a far more rural bush area called Kinglake. They live in a beautiful, one of a kind house on 20 acres - Lisa's sister designed the house herself and oversaw the building of it. A lot of love went into that house.

At the moment however, they are not at their house. They are at Lisa's parent's place a couple of suburbs away waiting to hear if the fire front, that is at this moment on their road, has left their lovely home standing.

A bit unbelievable really. We are also waiting to hear if the fire will be contained or, if the wind changes again as it did earlier today, will it head our way. We are not scared. We have just ordered pizza for dinner. It only seems real on the telly however it is happening 20 minutes down the road. After almost 5 days of fires only today can we smell smoke. Probably because there are a few high hills between Hurstbridge and Kinglake. These hills could mean the difference between the fire burning back on itself or it heading straight for us.

The pizza has arrived.


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