Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quick Update...

Well, so far all seems okay in Kinglake. Except for the 134 firemen who will be working tirelessly through the night to keep houses and people safe. God bless them.

We will know more in the morning for that is when the full extent of the damage will be known. Apparently, the fire front is not the thing that causes the most damage. The radiant heat from the front is dangerous if you are standing in the vicinity but the danger to property is what is called an 'ember attack'. This is why people stay in their homes and wait for the front to pass. They then man the hoses, buckets etc. to put out any spot fires caused by falling embers.

Do not think I would be brave enough to stay put while a fire raged past my house. Then again it would be hard to leave knowing I could do something after the worst had passed. I dread the news in the morning.


Anonymous bridge said...

Great to hear your new lives - keep on posting - it's fascinating reading. I enjoyed the bell bird connection - I'd never heard of a bell bird before ... or the 'ute' reference come to think of it.
We've got Question time on with the Liberal Democrat future leaders being hung drawn and quartered whilst George Galloway.....Respect... is being whipped for Celebrity Big Brother fame..... don't you just wish you were here? Weather is very cold but blue .... Mighty Bite chicken kebabs, Sainsburys profiteroles mixed with Fairtrade white wine defeated the evening munchies!

Friday, 27 January, 2006  
Blogger claudy said...

Bridget - you are mental but we love you! What on earth are Mighty Bite Chicken kebabs?! I dread to think! We have been lent the first series on DVD of a new Aussie telly series called 'Love My Way' and the lead guy in it called 'Charlie' reminds us both so much of Pete its untrue! Keep writing ... love Claud x

Monday, 30 January, 2006  

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