Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jobs For The Boys... and Girls?

I'll let Claud tell you about her interview etc. herself, but I just got asked to go for a *ahem* "pre-interview chat" at a Clinic down in Armadale. It's very near to where all the rich people live [hmm, see my previous comments about rich people, and wonder... God's sense of humour again?], an area called Toorak.

Actually, the clinic covers a wide area of inner-city Melbourne [Malvern, Caufield, Elsternwick (part of), Gardenvale, Armadale, Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Chadstone (part of), Ormond, Glenhuntly, and Prahan] for those of you familiar with the geography of the place. Soooo, that may be just the two of you then.

I've been holding out only applying for good first jobs, rather than get stuck on Bront... errr, some awful godforsaken in-patient unit. I sent off about 10 applications this morning, to go with the previous few I'd already sent, and got a phone call within an hour or so. They're nearly all community based jobs, which is what I really, really want to do . Not all are 9-5, with some requiring on-call duties, on what they call CATT teams [Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team], which is like a sort of a cross between CPN, Approved Social Worker and Superman, flying in on home visits at times of crisis.

It is a bit of a drag to Armadale from where we are... well over an hour on the train, but if it's a good role, and it appears to be on the face of it - lots of assessments, community treatment and case management [i.e. a bit like a CPN], it would certainly be a good place to start.

I'm actually a bit excited about it, if truth be told, although it's not an interview, just a "chat", as I keep reminding Claud as she tells people my " news". Anyway, if you have fingers, do cross them; if you have a half-full glass, top it up for me; and if you have good contacts with higher powers, please... have a word with them for me, eh?


Blogger Lev said...

Hello there Ian!

I found your blog!! It's great, and so good to see it up-to-date with all your latest goings on. Good luck with the "chat"!

Your email address doesn't work - I may have written it down wrong. Any chance I can have a working one?

If you haven't got my email address, I'll post a temporary one up here for you to use.

Kind regards,


Friday, 17 February, 2006  
Blogger Ian said...

Hi Lev

There's an email address on the site now...
if only briefly! We've got hardly any email addresses at the mo...
Problem with the back-up DVD we brought with everything on it.


Friday, 17 February, 2006  

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