Monday, March 13, 2006

The Language Barrier

Apparently, the UK have banned the ads for Tourism Australia previously linked here, because of the offensive language in "Where the bloody hell are you?". Pretty strong stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. Errrr.

The language here is quite different at times [e.g. my reaction to "we shat it in"], but I do find it quite funny that the laidback attitudes here mean that, other than in more genteel circles [largely old-money Aussies with British ancestry], the use of mild swear words is totally acceptable and in everyday use almost eveywhere.

Australian TV has a number of ads that are cheap, cheerful and decidedly no-frills. My favourite was a TV ad for a big heavily-discounted carpet sale that was on just after we arrived. The final tag-line was:

"90% off!?! Bugger that! Prices start at just ten bucks!"

I felt eversobritish all of a sudden.


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