Monday, February 27, 2006

The Honeymoon is over, baby...

I think the honeymoon is almost over for me.

I am now living and working in Melbourne.

I am in the same time zone AND hemisphere as my family.

I have infinite coffee at my fingertips.

Great, cheap food is everywhere.

Sushi hand rolls cost me $2 a pop and 3 of those constitute lunch.

I am slowly catching up with my lovely girlfriends and rediscovering again what good friends I have.

Unlike Ian, I have a routine, a job and the promise of income for the time being.

So, I am here. The place I wanted to be for almost a year. And it is good to be here. Don't get me wrong. I am so very that all of the above, trivial as some of these may seem, have helped me settle back into Melbourne.

However it is a very different Melbourne to the one I left. I too feel slightly unsettled and I am not sure why. Let me say from the get-go that it could very well be hormones. Those inscrutable little bastards that can turn a sane, level-headed woman into a raging, snorting dragon-headed beast from hell in the blink of an ovary.

So, with that aside let me consider the other possibilities for my apparent unsettled-ness. As Ian pointed out, the all too real feeling that where we live at the moment, whilst being a wonderful home living with wonderful people, is not ‘our’ space. And if you know Ian and I you will realise how important having ‘our’ space is.

I guess the other thing bothering me is the travelling to and from work. Given I’ve only worked 4.5 days at this point, it is more the prospect of all the travel to come.

I catch the 7.30 train which gets me to Parliament Station at 8.22. I walk to Café Alcaston, grab a coffee then cross Collins Street to my building. I am usually at my desk at 8.30. I finish after half 5, usually 6. The trains on my line run every 20 minutes. If you catch an express it takes just under an hour to get home. If you get a ‘stopping all stations’ it takes an hour and 10 minutes.

So I get home in time to see Harrison for about 10 minutes, get some tea, sort out my stuff for the next day (so I am not fossicking around in the morning and disturbing Ian) and go to bed.

The next day...

It is now Tuesday and I am re-reading what I wrote yesterday. I think maybe it was hormones. I feel so much better today. I also I feel infinitely grateful for all the good things in our lives right now. We have a lovely place to stay, a wonderful family around us, jobs, money and endless opportunities. Sometimes I just get stuck in a bog.

Give me a stick I'm off to kill me a dragon-headed beast.


Anonymous Faith said...

There you are Claudy girl! I thought you were trying to hide from me. Unfortunately, I thought this was Ian's blog and I have just introduced myself to him - probably sounding like a lunatic or a crazy stalker? Please email me and tell me all the details of your move? Such a big deal isnt it? Chat soon!

Sunday, 05 March, 2006  

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