Friday, February 24, 2006

A Few More Things

Some more largely animal-base observations that just popped into my head...

1. Kangaroos still make me smile. After inexplicably not seeing a 'roo on my first 4 visits to Australia, I now see them quite regularly, even if from a distance. They are the weirdest creatures, so apprently serene and innocuous, barely moving for long periods [in fact, the first ones I saw from a distance led me to exclaim, in all seriousness: "O no, they're only cardboard cut-outs". D'oh]. And then they suddenly bounce off, usually en masse, usually in the same direction. And then I can't help but crack a grin.

2. All Wombats are Dead. Well, all the ones I've seen are.

3. Possums Scream.
You do get used to it, but I've had a few sit-up-in-the-bed-and-say-what-the-xxxx-was-that moments. Not sure what they're screaming at, but I'm glad I can't see it.

4. White Tail Spiders are here! Well, one is. One scuttled out of a sheaf of papers that Lisa was ruffling through a couple of days back. So not only do they hang out in linen, they like piles of paper. Grrrreat. But more research seems to point out that they're not actually terribly poisonous unless you have an allergy-type reaction to them. That's OK, then. Claudine doesn't like them because they have "pointy legs". Well, quite.

5. Humans - what are they like?
Conversation heard recently at South Bank. 2 middle-aged couples appprently from somewhere other than Melbourne. The two husbands said precisely nothing during the 20 minutes this "chat" took to evolve, whilst looking at Melbourne's Yarra River...

Woman 1 : Sydney Harbour is beautiful.
Woman 2 : Yes, beautiful.
[Long pause]
Woman 1 : Not that many hobos, not that I can see.
Woman 2 :
No, not as many as you might think.
[Longer pause]
Woman 1 : I'm hungry. Shall we eat?
Woman 2 : Yes.
[Cue exit]

Well, Claudine and I feel a whole lot better about our relationship [and relationships] now. Nothing to worry about., oh no no no.

6. Grape Grazing, which we did last Saturday, is aptly named. At the end of it you end up on your hands and knees with your nose in the grass, looking for something, anything, to drink. A civilised version of the pub crawl? Errrrr... No. If I ever recover that day's particular braincells, I'll tell you all about it.


Blogger claudy said...

Note to Self: Take husband to zoo to see a wombat. Preferable a live one. Soon.

Friday, 24 February, 2006  

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