Thursday, March 16, 2006

To Queen or not to Queen...

Well now the opening ceremony is over, and people stop bickering over should we or shouldn't we play God Save the Queen (we didn't if you must know and HRH did not seem particularly bothered. I'd even argue that she did not know which corner of her Commonwealth she was in last night but that is my uneducated and heavily biased opinion...) some Australians still seem to be intensely interested in whether or not we should finally become a Republic.

In a refreshing, and to be honest, alarming turn around, our PM, Little Johnny as he is unaffectionately referred to here, has been reported as saying that he did not think Australia would remain in the Commonwealth when Betty's reign ends.

Well turn me over and paint me purple! According to reports Little Johnny is an astute reader of the mood of the Australian people (and I'm a quietly spoken, demure debutante folks) and apparently told two British newspapers in separate intervies, that he did not know if Australia would cut its ties with the monarchy if Prince Charles became King.

I always knew the fawning little bastard had a thing for old Betty.


I told you I'm not demure.

I digress.


Well, it seems Johnny will have at least one person to convince of that if he ever tackles the issue with another referendum. The woman in question was seated beside my friend Carolyn and I at lunch today. I had just finished explaining to her that Ian was at the Rugby 7's and finding the Aussie fans a little [sic] vitriolic in their unappreciation of the English. The woman, obviously missing part of my explanation, interrupted by asking if it had anything to do with the Queen's presence last night.

I explained to her that no, my English husband was presently at the Rugby and the fans were give the Poms stick. And besides, he is not a monarchist himself as he feels they should be put out to pasture and their wealth distributed to those who actually need it.

She then asked if his feelings (and ours for by now Carolyn and I were freely expressing ourselves regarding the monarchy) were solely related to the fact that she was a rich old lady. Well I spluttered something about irrelevance in today's society and Carolyn (who is a bit like me but without the filter between brain and gob, if you can imagine that) flung around words like inbred and ugly to which the woman, in a clear and pronounced Australian accent declared that she had British ancestors.

I wanted to say so what, I sleep with a Brit but even in my head, that sounded a little crass. She then packed up her things and left, much to the amusement of the remaining diners at our communal table. I confess I felt a little bad for a fleeting moment however, as Carolyn rightly pointed out, she was earwigging on our conversation and if she invited our opinions, should have had to grace to accept them even if they differed with hers.

Yes, we have a long road to go before we stand on our own Republican feet. I just find the fawing and adoration certain elements of the Australian population offer old Betty a little nauseating. I know I have probably offended at least one of you who actually read this but hey, its my blog! If you violently disagree with me - post a comment!


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