Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ding Dong!

I know it is evil and wrong to sing songs about witches dying when referring to an erstwhile colleague. I do honestly. However it would have taken an angelic visitation to stop me singing like a munchkin on Monday morning.

Yes, my nemesis has finally gone on maternity leave. The woman who I have replaced, who handed nothing over, who lied to get her own way [dropping herself in the poo along the way as our boss found out], whose instructions were minimal and her expectations not at all in correlation - has left the building leaving me in charge.

As I previously sang Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, which old witch, the wicked old witch...!!!

I have had the crappiest few weeks, culminating in the woman throwing a tantrum at me on Friday morning. I came in with a clear view of what I had to do on Friday morning for a meeting she was chairing. Only to find her tampering with my spreadsheet, insisting that I should not leave things to the last minute and ranting about how I should save documents as different versions.

Now if you've worked with me you know how much I DETEST saving the same document in several versions. Basically because one never knows which one is the latest version despite how clever the naming convention is.

I digress.

I had had a gut full by this point so I spoke firmly telling her I knew exactly what I needed to do to get it all done. She relinquished her hold on my spreadsheets and flounced away telling me to do what I wanted. I did. I got them ready, printed them off and sent her packing.

Sheesh. She apologised later. After a glass of wine feigning hormones. Rubbish. She's an anal control freak who, can't let go her job, who does not want to be at home having babies, who was given permission to take her lap top home with her to no doubt, torture us while she is on leave. She left no message on her phone or her email to say that all enquires were to come to me and emailed me today giving me her home number in case someone needed her!

Heaven help me.

I have moved easily in to the space she left. Figuratively of course. In the 3 days we have been free of her [my colleague is happy to be free of the death grip the monkey on his back had on him] there is laughter, hilarity and progress on the things that she had a tight rein on.

The team defer to me easily and the rapport we have developed over the 2 months is great. I have my first ever [shhh] presentation tomorrow which, surprisingly, I am not that nervous about.

I am meeting my lovely friends Greer and Sharia for a meal tonight. Looking forward to a girly night out...


Anonymous Faith said...

What a relief! I am sure you will have a great time at the office from now on - good luck Claudy.

Tuesday, 12 September, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Similar has happened here at my work!! Why is it that "Control freaks" also often come with little to no visable people skills and have mood swings which affect sooo many around them??? Things have been so much freer and relaxed since they have moved on - which was a shame because said person was a great strategic thinker and champion of youth work but all the rest got in the way :(
Hope your presentation went well, I'm sure it did!

Tuesday, 12 September, 2006  

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