Monday, July 17, 2006

Row, Row, Row My Boat!

I completed my first 2 'Learn to Row' lessons on the weekend.





The lessons run for 1.5hrs on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm. It rained pretty much all day on Saturday so I guessed we would just train on the ergos (indoor rowing machines) so I did not bring anything remotely waterproof. My mistake.

There are usually 4 students in each class but two people dropped out during the week. That left just one other girl, Ricky and I. Our coach, Vincent, got us started on the ergos to show us what we should and should not be doing when rowing. He was impressed enough with our natural ability [my paraphrase] that we were out on the water in no time. Well it took a while to get the boat out of the shed, over the grass, down the slippery decking and into the rather rancid Yarra River.

I enjoyed it enough to feel comfortable in the situation and confident enough to think that maybe I will take up the next stage and enrol in the Development Squad. That means 2 training sessions a week for a minimum commitment of 8 weeks - all for the lowly sum of $200. That will bring me to the point where if I want to join the club and row at my leisure I can or if I want to start entering competitions with the squad I trained with I can.

I can honestly say that I wish I had done this years ago. The only reason I actually am rowing is I happened to ask the right person how does one get into rowing as we both stood gazing down at the Yarra one pretty autumn evening. People were already out on the water and in the golden waning daylight it looked like such a wonderful place to be. So I turned to my colleague, Catherine and asked her - fortunately, she had asked someone the same question this time last year and has been rowing ever since. She was actually named Oarswoman of the Year at the Melbourne Rowing Club's annual award's night last month.

I have 2 more lessons this weekend which I am looking forward to and then I'll decide what is next. What with rowing, my personal trainer and a membership to the gym I may actually get fit one day soon!


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