Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jobs for the Boy [Part 2]

I emailed a few of you last week to say that I was going for a promotion at work, having been encouraged by a number of colleagues, both junior and senior, to do so. There was a sense of foregone conclusion from a few of you, particularly my ex-colleagues who know just how fabulous I am, darlings.


Although I applied, I withdrew my application on the day of the interview. It's a bit complicated [and this is a public forum, after all], but I decided to spend some more time getting myself settled into the ward, used to the procedures and policies etc. At the end of the day [Brian], I'd have the responsibility for the well-being of 20-odd acutely ill patients. half a dozen staff etc., and I feel that confidence is a crucial factor in that.

If I didn't feel confident in my decision-making [which, I actually do, most of the time], that rubs off and gets picked up on, particularly on non-regular staff or the more vulnerable or potentially aggressive patients. And that's not something that I can fix without being there and learning some more.

The thing is, they're still happy to put me in charge; the vibe is very positive; and I'm more confident already, given that I'm simply acting-up to a role that is not my normal one, which somehow relieves the pressure. Yes, it's all about my head and where I'm at [maaaaan], but I'm happy that I've done the right thing here. Shoulda kept more schtum about the job app, maybe, but that's my only regret.

And... thank you all for your encouragement... it meant a lot, and I really appreciate it.


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