Friday, May 26, 2006

Apologies... and then he plods on regardless, sleep-deprived and self-pitying

Yep, an apology from me too. I've been slack, I've not updated for an absolute age, and you've all no doubt forgotten about me, if you hadn't already.

And I deserve anonymity, of course [commences Opus Dei-like self-flaggelation, then stops abruptly]. But even with an audience of none, I'll continue to spew out my irrelevant nonsense, such is my arrogance and conceit. And mmm, it tastes so good.

Actually, I've just spent a hellish month [that feels like several months] on nights, which has been absolutely dreadful to be truthful, and I've suffered what appears to have been a cross between jetlag, SAD, depression and a dementia, where I've barely been able to communicate other than in the wee hours of the morning. Been sleeping, what? 3 or 4, 5 if I'm lucky, hours a night [day]. Claud reckons I've been absent even when I've been physically present, and is happy to have her husband back now the nightmare [daymare] is over.

And it's good to be back. I'd forgotten how desperate lack of daylight and lack of sleep can be. There's a certain irony in the fact that a large part of my role as a psych night nurse is to ensure that the patients in my care get a good nights sleep, for the sake of their mental health. I have the option of giving them substantial quantities of benzodiazapines to ease their sleeplessness, but have no such [legal] option myself.

And man, it's made me so bloody homesick again too. I guess the yearning for a normal life, whatever that may be, sends my thoughts to my homeland, my previous life, and the people. The friends I left behind, the life I left behind. Emails would be nice, people; phone calls too, now we have a land line and broadband access [didn't realise how much I relied on T'internet till I didn't have it].

So that's my apology and my justification. Not a lot of remorse evident so far [get that fine tooth comb out please], I admit, but I am sorry I've been so slack... can we draw a line under it and just start again? Please? Good. Another ramble will follow shortly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ian and Claudy!!! Annette here.

You've not blogged for AGES so it's good to have you back!! I love reading this stuff - it's so interesting!

Don't know if you got my message, but Rob got the job in Cumbria so we're off to live in the Lakes! Not quite as far as you, but I feel really strange already - I really don't think I could go and live in another country!

Rob's job starts in September so we need to get our skates on and sell this place and look for a place up North!

Unfortunately, this does mean that flying out to Oz for the Ashes is now out of the question as we won't have any dosh!!! :-(

Weather has been awful - I'm back in my winter coat - it's bloody freezing!!!

Keep writing!!!

Saturday, 27 May, 2006  

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