Friday, March 24, 2006


For those of you who are occasional visitors and/or a trawl through our typing loggorhea is too daunting [Hi Bridge!], this is a quick update re: our lives here in Melbourne so far. Keep tuned, things may change fast!

* We're settled generally, acclimatised and happy. I'm even wearing long trousers when I don't need to, rather than my usual shorts, so my body's core temperature must have acclimatised too.

* Claudine has been working as a temp at a large Bank here in Melbourne for 4 weeks now. A large Advertising Agency were very interested in recruiting her, but the timing was a bit off. Hopefully, something permanent will come out of the Bank job soon. Watch this space.

* Ian starts his new job [finally!] on Monday next, working in the psychiatric adult department a large hospital in a funky part of Melbourne [are there any other parts, I hear you ask?]. I'm really looking forward to starting, getting some regular routine, some of my own friends etc. Time to start crossing those digits, touching that wood, lighting those candles or casting your eyes heavenwards that he likes it, folks... your supplications have been pretty successful so far, thank you!

* Our stuff from the UK is now waiting for customs clearance in Adelaide, and will be delivered as soon as they've sniffed/torn apart/burned/laughed at whatever they need to check out. At this point, everything bar essentials will be living in Anna & Kev's garage [friends from the UK] as...

* ...we're still living in Hurstbridge with Claud's brother & his wife, Stephen & Lisa, and their 19-month old, Harrison. Hurstbridge is about 33km from the city, a little bit country ["bush"] and a little bit feral and hippy - in fact, it's so hippy-dippy-la-la [click the link above or here and you'll see what I mean] that when I saw an ad for "Atom Welding" a few weeks back, I naturally assumed that it was some sort of Alternative Therapy. Turned out it was a welding firm with the motto "No job too small". Oops. My mistake. However...

* ...our living arrangements may be changing soon... we're simply too far out from the city - an hour to by train on a usually-packed train [those of you in London may remember the name "Connex" and nod in understanding and pity when we say they run the train services here now...]. I'll be leaving for work at 5.15 AM to start work at 7 and won't be back home till 5.30 PM, and can't even get to work by public transport on a Sunday. My late shift means I leave at 11.15 AM and won't be home till midnight. Claud's day is often 12 hours door to door too. So...

* ...we're now looking at renting somewhere closer to the city [in fact, possibly in the city] for 6 months,with another 3 months of house-sitting already arranged after that]. We've done the sums and can still save for a deposit despite paying rent. As much as we like it out here, and love being with Stepehn & Lisa, we need to look after our needs and get our own headspace too. We spend a lot of our time in and around the city, so the prospect of leaving the city in the evening with an-hour-plus journey if we manage to catch the hourly train isn't exactly a thrill. And there are some groovy pads to be had for not much money... going to view a few places over the next day or 3, so again, watch this space.


Anonymous Jenny said...

Don't know why you'd want to move to the City - I would've thought 'come and drum' along with some spontaneous art would just start the week off nicely ;>

Ps Thanks for the mention in the above post. I feel honoured

Monday, 27 March, 2006  

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