Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reasons to be Cheerful [Part 2]

"Hello-o, Ian speaking."

"Hello, Ian mate, moi name's Ralph, 'aht in Reservoir. We're havin' a few probs, about thirty pigeons stuck in our canopy. Just wonderin' if you'd be free to pop over an' give us a hand?"

Somehow, strangely apt to get that phone call the day after I'd re-commenced my career as a Mental Health Nurse. Getting pigeons out of canopies a speciality. I think it was a wrong number rather than a cryptic cry for help, but you never say never, and expect the unexpected in my job...

So, anyway, my first day was fine. People were nice, friendly, and easy-going. Good place to work, professional, good attitudes. It helped that I was supernumerary and had no specific role, which allowed me to float, observe and take it all in. Good job too, as it was all a bit baffling at times, with different systems, new practices etc.

But I soon realised that people are the same wherever you are, and more specifically, psychiatric illness is the same the world over too. Some confrontational behaviour/conversations, but by and large the place is prett calm, and very much patient-focused, collaborating with the patients in their care as much as possible.

It's looking good. Got to go, as I've got my next shift starting in 2 and a half hours, and it'll take me a good portion of that to get there. Back home for midnight, up at 4.30 for my early tomorrow. We really do need an apartment soon. In fact, I'd even tolerate a few pigeons in the canopy at this point.


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