Monday, July 10, 2006

Update No. 2 - Apartment

We continue to buy little additions for our lovely apartment. We are still sans sofa and dining room table simply because the friends we are buying them from have been waiting to sell their house. The sofa in particular is a trendy little L-shaped thing with a chaise longue on one end and they have needed it to 'dress' the house. Once it sells, the sofa is ours!

I spend my lunch times wandering around house type shops buying pizza stones (they were today's bargains!) and spice jars and storage jars etc etc. All the things we wanted and or needed in the months leading up to our departure but could not justify buying. Just as well really as things here are a lot cheaper on the whole - particularly towards the end of June which is when all the end of financial year sales happen. I love those sales!

Yesterday we wandered around town looking for a VHS player believe it or not. Ian wants to buy a recordable DVD player thingy but wants one with a hard drive. However we left our VHS player in Manchester thinking we'd pick one up here when we landed. We have loads of videos of UK programs we want to watch so in the end we thought we'd best get one now before they become extinct!

So, we love our apartment and enjoy living there. It is nice to come home to our space that takes no time at all to clean and looks so spanking new! I can't wait to get the dining room table as it means we can start having dinner parties again. And those of you who ever staggered home from a Berri Dinner Party will remember them well (or not as the case may be)!


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