Monday, July 10, 2006

Update No. 1 - Work

I want to make these updates brief as I am aware we have not been very communicative of late - hence the lack of new words on the blog.

I had a bit of a it never rains but it pours moment a couple of weeks back when I was offered 2 permanent roles within a 24 hours period. And can I say at this juncture that someone offering you a job does wonders for your self-esteem.

So, in short, the COO of the largest NGO in Australia saw my CV and asked to meet me. He wanted me to set up his entire project management space here in Melbourne, pulling in every aspect of the organisation to run out of the one project management office (PMO) run by me.


So we talked it over a coffee one Thursday evening after work and he convinced me of the job and my ability to do the job. I was flattered beyond belief and encouraged that someone looked through the words on my CV, and the lack of degree and declared that I was a leader and someone able to take something in its raw form and make something of it. It was a tremendous boost.

The following morning I had a breakfast meeting with the head of the department I moved to recently, Risk Technology, who promptly offered me a very similar role, albeit on a smaller scale. And so my quandary began. I spent that weekend oscillating between the 2 roles. The pros and the cons. The good and the bad. I have not had to decide between 2 jobs for, well, ever really so the process in deciding was seemingly complex and fraught.

To try and articulate the decision making process here would bore you all to death. I guess it is best left said that I decided to take the role at the bank. Reasons as follows;

* I am familiar with the people, processes and culture of the bank.

* I am comfortable that my colleagues know my capabilities and respect my opinion and experience.

* Despite being a bank, the bank does good stuff in the community.

* I do not have to drive to work. I would have had to drive if I took the NGO job.

* It felt like the right thing to do...


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