Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Very Brief Update...

4 days overdue and counting...

Thought we were about to have Junior a week ago when C had what we thought were the start of contractions, but... false alarm.

Since then... zero, nada, zilch.

Going in hospital tomorrow [Sunday] for a heart trace, but all precautionary as baby is well, happy and surrounded by plenty of fluid.

If no movement by the end of next week, the discussion about induction begins...
Watch this space!

And 2 bits of news we didn't pass on. Claud got offered a permanent post at 35 weeks or something, which means partial paid maternity leave and a guaranteed job when she comes back. They've suggested she comes back sloooowly, part-time with even the possibility of some work from home. They realised what an asset she was, even at that late stage of pregnancy, and snapped her up! Cool, huh?

And I just got a promotion!
Sort of a management role within the same Community Mental Health Service. So I get to keep contact with my clients etc., but take on more of a clinical lead and supervisory role, and step up when the manager's on leave.

I'm pretty happy, needless to say, as I've only been there what seems like five minutes, and it's also a bit more dosh, which means the mortgage on the new house can definitely be paid while Mrs B is on maternity leave!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ian and Claudine. thought I'd drop a quick line to say good luck for the birth. Hope all is well. sorry i haven't been in touch recently but you know how things are...
Emma Bryson x x

Wednesday, 20 June, 2007  

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