Thursday, December 01, 2005

Saturday November 26

Well, I did say I'd try to post every day. However I tried and failed!

The weekend just gone by was hectic, manic, frenzied, chaotic, wild ... you get the picture. Our great friends James & PJ and their beautiful children, Trinity and Bob spent the weekend at our home this weekend. They arrived on Friday night - it was so lovely to see them - and decamped what seemed like all their belongings into our hallway. There is no such thing as packing light when you have 2 kids under 2!

They got the children to bed and we had a curry from their old local curry place in Heaton Moor. Despite the 10 minute drive in the freezing cold it was still worth it.

On Saturday Ian and I looked after Trinity (or Dinnie as she calls herself) while her parents and little brother went Christmas shopping in Manchester. I think we got the better end of that deal to be honest. Manchester city centre at anytime of the year is bonkers but as soon as they throw Christmas decorations up and switch the fairy lights on, the place erupts.

We spent a lazy, loungy day with our delightful Goddaughter who, since we last saw her, has learned a word or two. The language takes a bit of getting used to but eventually I learned that Claudy was me, Binnie meant her Mr Bunny, juj means juice and no actually means yes. Confused? Yes, I was confused too.

Unfortunately my day was slightly blighted by some black ice. I was only thinking the other day about what black ice actually looked like. Let me enlighten you - you can't actually see black ice which is why I personally think it should be called invisible ice.

So with this in mind imagine seeing me step onto the pavement, which looked just as it always does and immediately both my legs slid from beneath me and I landed, with an almighty thud, flat on my back. Well, not quite flat on my back, more like onto my tailbone (or coccyx for the medically enlightened) which even now is incredibly painful.

Still, we managed to have a lovely time, she was well behaved and an absolute joy to spend time with. If we have even one child like her I'd feel blessed beyond words. However, in many ways I feel like we already have for she is very special to us. Something I hope she will always know.


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