Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Pics...

... on the dazeflypics site here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys - love the photos! It was great seeing you guys today - you are all doing so well and looking radiant.
Claudie - got out Harry's yellow book - he was at birth 2730g, length 52cm, and head circumference 34.5cm. So not quite as long as Jo nor indeed as much of a big boy!!!
at 1 month Harry was 3870g, 55.5cm long and head cir 38.5cm. so there you are with all the stats - gee I feel like I should be announcing all this in a low loud drawl (picture a crowded, smoky Festival Hall)...."and in the Said corner weighing in at...."

Monday, 16 July, 2007  

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