Thursday, August 09, 2007

Joe is 7 weeks old!

I can hardly believe it really. Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I had a tiny [ish] newborn who fed and slept; now I have a baby who fancies a chat after his 2am feed and constantly smiles!

It has been far too long since I've blogged but I have had my hands [and at one point, my belly] full!

Someone asked me yesterday; Is all this [by all this, I assume they meant motherhood] what you thought it would be? In a word, no. It is so much better!

In all honesty I thought I would hate being up in the middle of the night to feed, especially with it being the middle of the coldest winter in 10 years here in Melbourne. I thought it would all be so much harder and, when all was said and done I was terrified of what I would do with this tiny person when we eventually got him home!

What people don't tell you is that who you bring home is a person. Now that sounds daft I know but Joe was not a stranger. We know Joe, he is ours and he had been with us since we knew of his existence the day I peed on that stick.

So thoughts of cold and lonely midnight feeds were banished for I was not alone, nor was I cold for I had Joe. Ian is often up, despite going back to work after only 2 weeks, so the wee hours were not solely the domain of Joe and I. Ian and I have spent many hours huddled over our tiny [ish] son utterly gobsmacked at the blessing he is.

So here we are, looking back over almost 2 months of life with Joe Stanley Finn and we both admit we can not remember what it was like before he arrived. He is a delightful baby who keeps us enthralled at every moment. And in the last couple of weeks it seems he is often up for a chat. Yes folks, the kid is most surely mine! Ian has had to accept that his son, like his wife, will almost certainly be an extrovert. I pity the man.

I will endeavour to write more but for the moment I suspect what you are all waiting for are these...