Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Disclaimers are a wonderful tool...

I got an email from James this morning with the following disclaimer;

The no nonsense view of the world as shown above is intended for the named recipient only. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete this message without copying or forwarding on. If you are the intended recipient, pull yourself together, for goodness sakes it's not like you're moving to the other side of the world in a few weeks or anything. Oh, you are? Ok. Err, get over it a bit then you'll have a blast and all your mates will want to come visit soon enough anyway.

He was responding to an email I sent them apologising for being so crap at virtually everything lately, mainly keeping in touch and making arrangements. It made me smile. So I decided I'd write my own disclaimer and henceforthwith paste it into every email I send.

Tell me what you think...

I'm having a meltdown of epic proportions and no longer have my wits about me. I can see them. They are running off into middle distance as we speak and I can hear their inane giggling as they mock me. I can no longer process sentences that use numbers so please restrict your use of them accordingly. My long suppressed emotions are erupting into the stratosphere revealing to me, once again, that the people I know and love here in the UK will soon be half a world away. This thought alone has led to my present state so considering the additional logistics of packing up our house, finding the cash to put it on a boat heading in the vague direction of Melbourne, working productively at my job until 3 days before we leave the country and maintaining a sane and sensible relationship with my husband and those close to me is, at times, just too fecking hard.


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