Friday, December 02, 2005

Sunday November 27

So Sunday drifted by in a rush of people, noise and endless cups of tea! It was still freezing I might add but in that lovely bright, crispy way that features much in Novembers in England.

Chad,Chris & Bethan came over in the morning to catch up with James & PJ and as we all sat in our lounge room chatting and watching the kids play with each other I realised that they are a bit part of what has kept me in England. They are more than just friends, they are like my family.

In fact, Chad is so like my own brother I often resort to treating him like I would my own brother circa 1979 much to Chris' dismay I'm sure! And PJ and I often clash in the way that sisters are want to do with it all blowing over moments later. I really have been blessed to have them in my life.

My wonderful friend Anita arrived at Manchester Piccadilly on Sunday afternoon, by which time it was already dark. I tried to give her a flying tour of Manchester-by-Night to show her Albert Square, the giant Christmas tree and the bloody fairy lights. However, as I tried to turn into Corporation Street a burly policeman stood in the middle of the intersection and shook his head at my gesticulating. He didn't even crack a smile which I thought he would have for Anita was wearing the most darling hat you've ever seen!

We had a lovely evening at the Metropolitan, which is now smoke-free, then picked up a takeaway from Globe. Which just happens to be the best take out place in the world. Really it is!

I dragged her off to the Markets in St Ann's Square on Monday at lunchtime where I stood in the heavy snow, muttering about how wet I was getting, for a good few minutes before it occurred to me to open my umbrella. You can take the girl out of Melbourne...

It was lovely to spend time with her again as it is a rare thing give she is in London and I am in Manchester. We worked together in 2000 and in all honesty she kept me sane and in the process became a good friends. She has walked me through some awfully hard times and made me laugh so often and in the most inappropriate settings. She is a great girl and a beautiful friend. Yes another reason to be sad at leaving England.


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