Thursday, December 15, 2005

Middle Distance

There is a crisis in the Berrisford household.

We have run out of coffee and toilet paper. At the same time.

We never run out of coffee and toilet paper. Ever. And to run out of both at the same time is probably as good an indicator as any of the state of our collective minds.

I have just discovered that I can no longer multitask. If someone asks me a question I have to stop what I am doing, (staring into middle distance usually and I would argue that this takes some concentration) focus on the voice asking the question and recalibrate my mind to receive new information. A very laborious and tiring exercise.

The thing that is bothering me is there is no tangible reason for my mindlessness. Everything is going to plan. There have been no major hiccups. Nothing untoward to worry excessively about. So why are we so fraught?

I know moving is one of the most stressful things the human can undertake. I guess moving countries and facing the prospect of finding new homes, jobs and essentially lives is adding a little more stress to the cauldron.

I guess the timing of this is a little silly too. The lead up to Christmas is manic enough during peace time. People to squeeze into non existant days and trying to clear things off before the break for Christmas tends to leave most frazzled and in need of more than a sherry after the turkey. So to add to that the prospect of leaving everything we know for something new is making us both mental.

I told my mum I was losing my mind. In true mum fashion she promptly replied "No you are not!" If only she knew. Or took the time to know.


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